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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dom Reilly - The Finest Luggage and Accessories


Throughout a 15-year career in Formula One, Dominic Reilly traveled the globe encountering thousands of discerning consumers, travelers and brands. Mindful of the toll that world travel can bear, Dom Reilly gained a strong appreciation of what makes for real quality, when it comes to luggage and accessories. Beyond the desire for style and supreme aesthetics, Dom Reilly introduced a principle that every single element conceived should be improved, tested-and then challenged again, in the same manor that world leading Formula technology is.

Through this unrelenting desire, Dom Reilly created a collection utilising a wealth of experience and the finest designers, materials and artisans from around the world. To further the brands image as a world leader, Patrick Head, the legendary engineer behind multiple Formula One World Championship titles, joined as a partner, using his wealth of knowledge and experience to elevate the brands and it’s products to the highest level of luxury, style and functionality.

Dom Reilly Collection...

The inguinal Dom Reilly Collection embodies all of the brands philosophies by deploying the most exquisite materials and the finest craftsmanship to create a collection worthy of the brands name. Through adopting a mindset which is practised in Formula One, each item in the Dom Reilly Collection has been tested and optimised. From the exquisite Weekender Bag to the elegant Briefcase and Watch Roll, each item ensures an unrivaled mix of functionally, quality and style.
Such is the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into the Dom Reilly Classic Collection, the brand was nominated in the category of “Emerging Luxury Leader” at the Bloomberg Luxury Briefing Awards in London.  Whilst most brands would settle for this accolade alone, Dom Reilly has pushed the brand further by creating a bespoke collection for the iconic Raffles Hotel Singapore and has created collections especially for Williams F1 team and the Financial Times.

 Combing an eclectic mix of experience gained in Formula One and the life as a globe trotting professional, Dom Reilly's collections exude the British desire to push the boundaries of function, form and style. 

Visit www. to view the full range.

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