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Friday, 13 June 2014

David Beckham for Belstaff Collection


David Beckham and Belstaff, two great British icons  have joined forces to collaborate on  a range of menswear for Summer  2014 . Drawing on David Beckhams passion for motorcycles and Belstaff's legendary status for creating attire for the adventurous, the new collection focuses on revving luxury moto classics.

Speaking about how he first discovered the Belstaff brand, David Beckham stated ‘Around 5 or 6 years ago I was looking for a cool biker jacket. I went into this vintage store and came across this vintage Belstaff jacket, which i have worn ever since’. Over the past seasons David Beckham has become the face of Belstaff, which has now progressed to the launch of his first collaboration with the famous British brand.
Influenced by previous Belstaff designs held in their archives and Beckhams personal style heroes Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, the new collection provides a range of clothing which is certain to look stylish for many years to come. With prices ranging from £60 for a t-shirt, £240 for trousers and jackets from £595 -£1125, the collection is set to remain an exclusive, yet popular collaboration.

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